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Feeling rejuvenated and beautiful is something you deserve, and what we, at LUXURY DIP NAILS & SPA, make our mission.

At our salon, we offer a wide range manicure, pedicure and artificial nail services using the premium equipment and product to help you reach your beauty goals. Whether you want fabulous lash extensions, stunning nails for a special occasion, or stop by for a luxurious pedicure, our certified technicians are ready to consult on your personalized service.

Take a break from the bustle of everyday life with any of our nail services offerings. Let us melt your cares away by providing a relaxing and renewing experience you will not soon forget.


Let's get pampered



Pedicure $30/ Manicure $25/ Combo $50

This is our most basic pedicure and it fits your schedule! Includes cuticle trim, callus removal, lotion massage, finish with warm towels and polish.


Pedicure $40/ Manicure $30/ Combo $65

A spearmint scrub removes your dead skins, adding paraffin provides excellent results for cracked and dried feet, rejuvenates with a hydrating lotion massage. Finishes with warm towels and polish.

Voesh Deluxe (4-Step)

Pedicure $45

Treat your feet with a relaxing and enjoyable spa pedicure with this deluxe 4-step kit to keep skin feeling soft and renewed. To start, your feet will get exfoliated by Soaking in Sea Salt and Sugar Scrub, Mud Masque Wrap with Hot Towel for moisturizing, and finish with Hot Paraffin.


Pedicure $50/ Manicure $35/ Combo $80

Say "hello" to aloe! This pedicure will take your breath away with a moisturizing filled with antioxidants, aloe scrub calming with aloe mud mask wrapped in hot towel combined with a therapeutic hot peach paraffin wax dip to relieve sore aching feet, sensual hot stone massage promoting healthy blood circulation and alleviating tired muscles.

Luxury w/ Collagen (6-Step)

Pedicure $55

Rejuvenate yourself with this treatment that comes with a complete 6-step packet. Start with Collagen Crystals, which are formulated to relieve stress, its create a warm soothing bath made with natural sea salt that detoxifies and soothes skin, then we have Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub, that boost the vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, Collagen Cream Mask draws out impurities and added collagen, plus wrap with a hot towel, Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel, instantly revitalize tired legs and ease muscle tension, included massage with hot stone, Collagen Massage Lotion, leaving skin silky and smooth throughout the day, Collagen Serum Lotion, the last step bonus is to maintain pedicure moisture.

Organic Herbal Spa

Pedicure $60/ Manicure $40/ Combo $95

(Your choice: exhilarating java, warm cocoa, relaxing lavender, renewing rose)

Organic body detox sugar scrub is rich in nutrients, infused with organic oil to deeply moisturize and exfoliate the skin's surface, providing wellbeing and a sense of freshness. A super hydrates your skin, a massage oil is a super emollient and improves skin tone, releases tension and releases fatigue.

Volcano Spa (10-Step)

Pedicure $65

This is a luxurious 10-step designed to give you an exhilarating treatment, relax muscles, and stimulate blood flow. Begin with Soaking in Detox Volcano Crystals water to accelerate the detox activator, Detox Volcano Activator, which will releases Volcano Eruption that blasts away dirt and impurities, then Exfoliating Sugar Scrub that clears away dead skin and reveals younger-looking skin, Collagen Cream Maske help cleanses and tightens pores, then you’ll get Wrap with Hot Towel, Organic Paraffin, Collagen Cream, Hot Stone, Collagen Massage Lotion help moisturize as the collagen replenishes skin for a beautiful glow with a silky soft finish, finish with Extra Massage for a complete treatment.

Included spa liner, sanitizer wipe, buffer, pumice stone, and nail file to take home.

Add on (Pedicures - Manicures)

French polish


Shellac gel polish


Regular polish change (toes)


Regular polish change (hands)


Gel polish change



Full Face




Jaw & chin






Half legs


Full legs


Half arms


Full arms


Under arms



Regular Fullset


Regular Rebase


Pink & White Fullset


Pink & White Rebase


Powder Color Fullset


Powder Color Rebase


Add on (Acrylic)

Color (White) Tips




Take Off Acrylic


Take Off Acrylic With Service






Gel Color






High School

10% OFF

Children 10 or Under







Polish Change Toes


Polish Change Hands



Individual/ classic












Henna Brows Tinting (Wax Included)


Brows Tinted (Wax Included)


Lash Lift


Lash Tinting


Lash Lift & Tinting



I love this nail place! It’s my new favorite salon. They do an amazing job every time! Kayla is GREAT at designs on the nails. She did beautiful daisies on me today. I’d definitely recommend her, although anyone you get is great. They have lots of options for dip nails, both designs and colors. The dip also lasts a while without chips and cracks.


I LOVE THIS PLACE! Everyone here is amazing! So friendly, and amazing! My manicures and my daughters’ manicures and pedicures are always on point! They do the best job of anyone out there and are always accommodating and very friendly!


I had such a wonderful experience here. I had sort of resigned myself to thinking all dip manicures ended up lackluster until I came here. The place is clean and quiet and the folks who work there are so sweet. The woman who did my manicure was gentle, shaped my nails perfectly and the end result is gorgeous. I also appreciated their honesty with walk-ins by telling them they were at capacity. The last few places I’ve been, they say yes to everyone which spreads their staff out thin and makes overall experiences for the customer subpar. I’m so glad I found this spot, I look forward to going back many more times!


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